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About Laura

Laura began practicing yoga at University and, feeling like a real cliché, fell in love with yoga while travelling in India.  Living on an ashram in South India in early 2007 and experiencing a deep feeling of coming home was what set Laura on a new path to studying yoga more deeply.  Since then Laura has been sharing yoga in different countries around the world and continues to learn the deep and varied teachings and applications of yoga.  Laura has found yoga to be a great source of support and inspiration since she started practising.  As yoga can be adapted in so many ways, it can always support you. 


Laura has experimented with adapting her practise as much as possible during the changes that life brings - through moving countries, living overseas and teaching yoga full time, to travelling and sharing yoga, through two pregnancies and the postnatal period, and becoming a mother of two.  Laura has used yoga to try to stay grounded and feel balanced in herself in amongst all the change, and also found that yoga was key to dealing with loss and grief and periods of deep uncertainty.


It is this adaptability that makes yoga such a beautiful practise, and what makes Laura so passionate about being able to share yoga.  Laura is committed to keep on learning and growing as much as possible, and to sharing that knowledge wherever possible.

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