Group Class Descriptions

Pregnancy Yoga

Many women begin yoga on their journey to motherhood. There is so much support that can come from practicing yoga in all areas of life and even more so during the pre and post-natal period.

The pregnancy classes will provide a safe space to move, breathe, rest, and let go. Yoga forms help us to improve our strength, both physically and mentally, increase our circulation, find our breath, bond with our growing babies and carve out precious time to rest and nurture ourselves.

Classes will be designed to meet you where you are in your body on any given day, with different options always available. Everyone is welcome and you don’t need any previous yoga experience to join us. We look forward to meeting you!

Me Time - Yoga for mums

Our postnatal practice gives women the space to simply be the woman that they are and have become. We want to give you a chance to reconnect with yourself; with your body, mind and heart, and to have time to be with other women. It is a time for you and so babies and little ones aren’t joining us for these classes. 

We will use a variety of yoga postures, breathing practices, deep relaxation techniques and other yogic practices to get out of our heads and be in our bodies again. We will use this interoceptive experience as a tool for healing and reconnection.

The class will be open to anyone in need of this kind of practice, whether it has been six months or three years since you carried your child. We recognize the importance to acknowledge and value every maternal experience.

Throughout the class you will be offered modifications and variations and we invite you to meet your body as it is in that moment. You are welcome to be present without judgment or expectation and will be supported physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Our hope is that you can find yourself in this new and changed body, allowing yourself to be you.

Hatha Yoga 

A class that offers movement in the form of Sun Salutations and yoga asanas (postures), and stillness in the form of yogic relaxation.  


Classes will be a mixture of flowing movements and holding of postures with breath work inter-woven throughout.  Classes are open to many levels and variations of postures and forms will be given to suit those participating.