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Yoga Therapy

What is yoga therapy? 

A yoga therapy session differs from a group yoga class as it is yoga tailored to the individual.  A group class might have a general theme or focus, but a yoga therapy session is about meeting the needs of the person coming for yoga therapy.  A yoga therapist has undertaken more in-depth study in the field of yoga to be able to meet the needs of people on an individual basis.


According to the International Association of Yoga Therapists:

“Yoga therapy is the process of empowering individuals to progress toward improved health and well-being through the application of the teachings and practices of Yoga.”

According to one of the great masters of yoga therapy from the 1900s, TVK Desikachar:

 “Yoga therapy is a self-empowering process, where the care-seeker, with the help of the Yoga therapist, implements a personalized and evolving Yoga practice, that not only addresses the illness in a multi-dimensional manner, but also aims to alleviate his/her suffering in a progressive, non-invasive and complementary manner.  Depending upon the nature of the illness, Yoga therapy can not only be preventative or curative, but also serve a means to manage the illness, or facilitate healing in the person at all levels.”

 If you are interested in yoga therapy or would like to know more please call for a free 15 minute chat to explore how it might work for you.

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"I hadn't had a period for 4 months, had just been diagnosed with polycystic ovaries and was feeling a lot of unhappy energy in my womb region! The medical advice I had been given was to take synthetic hormones for this, which I really didn't want to do. Laura taught me some yoga positions both restorative and more active, which I then practiced at home and three days later my period came!! 


I was unsure about yoga therapy before but this was a really amazing experience for me, I feel more in touch with my body! I was so happy, relieved and also felt quite empowered and proud of the amazingness of mind-body connection. Thank you so much for making me feel comfortable and for helping me to channel my energy in this way, I can't even express how much I appreciate it, this has really made a big difference to me!"

Yoga Therapy Client

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