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Terms and Conditions

Booking and Cancellations

Yoga Therapy and Private sessions must be paid for in full at the time of booking the session/sessions.  All packages are valid for 6 months from date of purchase.


If you have booked a session and need to cancel or reschedule you may do so up to 24 hours before your session to get a full refund or be able to rebook. The cancellation has to be made by the person who made the booking and has to be communicated by email to


In the case of a no-show (i.e. the participant does not show up to the booked session) there will be no refunds or rebooking of this session. So, if you have a block of 6 sessions the no-show session will be counted as one of the sessions.

If you are running late to a session, you need to make contact via telephone to confirm this - 469 77 515 - if you will be more than 15 minutes late then the session will be cancelled as we will not have enough time to complete the session.  Sessions will still end at the agreed time, regardless of the start time. 


If you have booked a block of sessions and need to cancel on medical grounds or in the event of an injury you will need to provide a letter from your doctor to confirm this.  If you give notice at least 48 hours before the first session then you will receive a 75% refund. No refunds will be given if the sessions/course has already begun.  

General Disclaimer

We take care to provide you with quality Yoga and Yoga Therapy and all other classes, courses and these classes will be delivered by a suitably qualified teacher.  It is however your responsibility to ensure that you are in the correct class for your ability and health before commencing a class, workshop, course or retreat, and to seek medical advice if you are concerned. You understand that we are not medically trained and so not qualified to give medical advice. Therefore, any opinion given by them should be subsequently qualified by a medical practitioner.

Cookie and Privacy Policy

This site uses cookies to function correctly and to help us understand how the website is used. No personally identifiably information is stored. For further information, refer to the privacy policy.

The personal data we collect about you will include data relating to your name, address, date of birth, wider contact details and data relating to ‘health’. We will process your personal data to allow us to provide you with our services as your Yoga Therapist / Yoga teacher.

Your data will also be used to manage future communications between us, including about our services. You can opt out of receiving such communication services at any time, by emailing or clicking on the ‘unsubscribe’ button within the e-mail. We will only use your data for the purpose for which it was collected. We will not share your date or information with anyone.  All information given will be strictly confidential.

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